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WhatsApp is the most popular and outstanding cross-platform instant messaging service. Globally, over two billion active users are using this mobile messaging app. The rapid digital transformation has led the masses to use this app.

Data and file sharing and posting videos on WhatsApp statuses are the favorite activities that most users enjoy. However, as the technology is developing, the data-sharing capacity of WhatsApp is hurling around the same meager amount of 100 Mb. WhatsApp launched the file-sharing feature in 2017.

Since then, it has once increased the small amount of 16 Mb to some medium size of 100 Mb in 2019. Yet, this increase was not tackling well the rising quality of videos and pictures. Most of the new handsets have night modes and an enthralling capacity to capture the moments in high-definition results. Sharing extensive files via WhatsApp has confused WhatsApp users. To resolve this problem, WhatsApp is conducting drills to increase the size of file sharing capacity.

However, launching this feature soon is unlikely. As time, efficiency, and seamless experience are more important. Let’s take an overview of how WhatsApp is planning to increase the file-sharing capacity. More so, let’s know the most recent upgrades in privacy and other features are .

2GB file-sharing capacity on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a Meta-owned messaging service. You can share files, messages and connect with your virtual friends around the world. WhatsApp has upgraded and improved a lot of features, including the privacy policy and messaging features. In all these upgrades and improvements, one thing is left alone.

WhatsApp has a small amount of 100 MB file sharing capacity. Given the amount of data each mobile produces each day, it is nothing. However, talks to increase the data-sharing capacity are getting hype. Even ordinary mobiles are capable of producing 4K video and shooting high definition (HD) images.

The more features of photography and graphic design are making it essential to increase the file-sharing capacity of WhatsApp. Taking all these things into consideration, WhatsApp is conducting beta testing in Argentina. When WhatsApp will complete beta testing, it may launch the new feature. This is a timely and logical step for WhatsApp, as high-quality photos and videos are becoming widely available over social media.

The file sharing capacity of WhatsApp should have increased earlier

Throughout the globe, lives are changing drastically. Technology is becoming an integral part of life. Businesses are shifting to the online world. People are using the internet to fulfill all their needs and necessities. However, in all these changes and disruptions, the file-sharing capacity of WhatsApp only changed once in 2019.

After that, the constant capacity of 100Mb remained the sole source for WhatsApp to share files. People still have other options such as Google Docs and Cloud Storage. The inclination of users has instigated WhatsApp to conduct beta testing to increase the data-sharing capacity to 2GB.

So, Argentina is the playground for the new feature of WhatsApp which can revolutionize the file-sharing feature. Indeed, looking at the WhatsApp competitors, such as Telegram, tells us that WhatsApp has a tiny capacity for file sharing. Telegram has a file-sharing capacity of 1.5Gb. So, WhatsApp needs to catch up with the rising competition.

Final remarks

WhatsApp is not just trying to meet the demanding needs of the users. It also wants to surpass the competitors through drastic upgrades and improvements. In recent upgrades, WhatsApp has given complete control of messages to the users. Users can disappear the messages once the receiver sees them.

It is working to bring as much real in-person experience through WhatsApp as possible. Besides conducting beta testing to increase the file-sharing capacity, WhatsApp has also conducted some new tests. Such as polling within the groups and message reactions. These features and WhatsApp upgrades will engage the users.



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