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After too many requests from Twitter users, Twitter is now considering seriously adding an edit button. For years, users have pleaded with Twitter to add an edit button. However, because of some concerns, Twitter continuously overlooked the hyper-demand for an edit button. Without an edit button, no Tweet can be edited and updated.

It has annoyed the users for they have to retweet the tweets which consisted of typos and errors. The company said on Tuesday that it is running the tests in its TwitterBlue Labs. It will help Twitter to understand what’s working, what’s possible, and what works in the best interests of millions of Twitter users.

In this profound blog post, we will know why Twitter is testing the editing feature in the TwitterBlue Labs now? Moreover, we will also take you on an exciting journey about what’s possible now when in the next coming months Twitter will roll out the edit button. So, let’s delve into the topic.

Major Concerns which prevented Twitter from adding an edit button

Twitter is a social media giant that is used widely for sharing information. The major concern which prevented Twitter from adding an edit button was safety and transparency. There was a constant threat that some malefactors may use the edit button inappropriately.

Jay Sullivan is Twitter’s VP of consumer product, said in a threat on Tuesday, “Editing has been the most requested feature for many years. However, the company has been looking for a robust way to build the edit button safely.”

Moreover, Jay Sullivan said in a Twitter thread, “Some users can use the edit button to alter the public conversations. Without transparency, limit, and control, the edit button can be a crazy idea. It is the top-most priority to protect the public conversation when we approach the editing feature.”

Tweets, but editable

Twitter wanted to preserve the transparency and accuracy of Tweets without giving users the control to edit them. Despite the constant demand from the users about the editing feature, Twitter ignored them. The request to add an edit button was so constant and vociferous that it became a famous joke and meme. “Tweets, but editable” is the standard response to discover a typo/error in a famous tweet.

Jack Dorsey is the former CEO of Twitter. He expressed his concern about the edit button. He said that it is possible that after tweeting, users will change the information which can contribute to misinformation. Such concerns delayed the process of the edit button.

However, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Medium have allowed users the editing. It is also the reason Twitter is now considering adding an edit button.

What’s the role of Elon Musk in the latest update of the edit button on Twitter?

There was indeed a persistent demand from Twitter users to add an edit button. Users have to face a lot of inconveniences whenever they want to edit, add or update the Tweet. However, Twitter ignored or showed reluctance to heed their requests.

However, in the latest round of updates, Twitter confirmed on Tuesday that it is working on the editing feature for Twitter users. Twitter has a premium subscription space known as TwittterBlue Labs, where it is going to test the edit button. After improving the feature enough, the company will roll out the edit button to a broader audience.

The question should strike your mind why now Twitter is adding this feature? Especially as in the previous few years, there was a surge in demand for the edit button. It should not come as a surprise that Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has bought a major 9.2% chunk of Twitter. Elon Musk is an iconoclastic and visionary leader who knows how to turn the tides.

So, Elon asked the Twitter users in a poll whether or not Twitter should add an edit button? The mega-billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Tweeted the poll a day before the official announcement of the edit button from Twitter. Of 4,406,764 votes, 73.6% said yes. The striking support for the edit button must have made a major impact on Twitter’s decision to add an edit button.

Wrap up

Users have requested an editing option for the previous few years. However, owing to the danger of misusing the feature, Twitter avoided giving any attention to the persistent requests. In a recent poll from Elon Musk, a major portion of the voters said yes, we want the edit button. It is unlikely that only the poll from Elon Musk persuaded Twitter to add this feature. Twitter was also facing persistent requests from users and it now understands that walking with the modern age is the most prudent option.

Moreover, it is also true that Facebook, Instagram, and Medium have editing features. Then, why should Twitter not have? The pressure from the users and the poll from Elon Musk made the edit button a reality.


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