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Apple is rigorous in updating the iOS and nipping in the bud all the security problems and bugs. On Wednesday, iPhone 6 users noted a particular problem of not getting full access and fully functioning features of the Twitter app.

Apple discontinued the iPhone 6 many years ago. However, some users, owing to the benefit of having full access to social media platforms and apps, continued to use it. The recent updates and continued development of advanced features of the iPhone prevented the users from accessing many apps and applications. One of them is the Twitter app. Users can download and install the Twitter app on their iPhones.

The full access and seamless features, however, are unavailable to those users who don’t have the updated version of iOS on their iPhones. Twitter app in the latest development and technological evolution requires at least iOS 14. All the iPhones having a lower version of the iPhone operating system (iOS) can’t access the complete features and news feed of the Twitter app. In this article, we will take an awkward analysis of why Apple always updates the iOS and what are the consequences of such rigorous measures.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s no longer support the Twitter app

For some iPhone users, the news of the Twitter app not allowing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s users can be shocking. Twitter is a giant social media platform that has over 290 million monthly active users.

Moreover, important personalities all over the world use Twitter to Tweet political dynamics and business persons use it to advertise their business. The stance of not allowing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s users from this global conglomerate can indeed shock some. However, some facts can assuage the pensive feelings of Apple lovers.

On Wednesday, the users of the iPhone 6 reported having limited functions on Twitter. Despite having access to Twitter, they could not see the updated news feed and other stunning features such as seeing other connections.

There is not much iPhone 6 users can do. Twitter is rigorous and careful in walking with the wave of technological evolution. Yet, knowing all these developments, some users were still using the older versions of the iPhone.

iOS 12 and iOS 13

So, Twitter dropped the support for iOS 12 back in 2021. Since then, the users of both iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 were out of the game. Still, they could access social media networks. The actual blow comes with the unavailability of the core features of Twitter. Such as Twitter news feed and Twitter notifications. The only access to the profile picture of the Twitter account was not of much use to the iPhone users.

In the recent updates, Twitter dropped the support for iOS 12 and iOS 13. It means that the users who have these operating systems in their iPhones can no longer access and enjoy the full features of the iPhone. Now there is a twist. Having the iOS 13 should not bother you much. As you have the option to upgrade to the more updated version, let’s say iOS 14 and iOS 15. These two systems can award you the same features of Twitter you once have enjoyed fully.

One question must have been tinkering in your mind. Why does the iPhone even bother to upgrade the system requirements so often and frequently? So, to know the answer to this question, let’s move on to the next section of this article.

Why does Apple update iOS so often and frequently?

Technology is prevailing in every field of life. The evolution of technology makes astonishing things possible. Around the world, technology is heading towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the vastness of the universe. This is important to know that the iPhone is the most advanced mobile hand-set on earth.

Its processor, camera results, and speed are mind-boggling when we compare it with global mobile market competitors. More so, the prices of the iPhones are higher than other mobile handsets. So, it is natural, and the most required thing to update the system regularly to revamp it more accurately.

Sometimes there are security problems and sometimes a general need to upgrade an existing system. So, feature updates and security updates walk hand in hand for the iPhone. This keeps the bugs out of the iPhone and helps the users to enjoy the most secured and protected system.

There’s good news for iPhone users

Twitter is limiting and outrightly obstructing full access to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s users. This news was alarming and should be a source of taking preemptive measures. It is also soothing to know that not all iPhone users use the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. Only a tiny number of users use the old versions of the iPhone.

According to the official website of Apple, 63% of iPhone users are running iOS 15. It is interesting to know that only 7% of iPhone users are running the iOS 13 or lower versions. So, there is nothing to worry about as most iPhone users still have full access to Twitter with no hindrance.

Wrap up

Twitter blocked the full access and stopped working on iPhone 6. People first suspected it was a bug or just a momentary issue. However, later observations clarified that they have the old version of iOS that is incompatible with the latest updates of Twitter. It is revealed that Twitter stopped giving full access to iOS 12 back in 2021.

Despite this fact, iPhone users kept on using the old versions. After the latest updates on Wednesday, Twitter is limiting the features to the iOS 13 and outrightly stopping access to the Twitter news feed. It may seem as alarming, but only 7% of iPhone users have iOS 13 or older versions. This makes the adverse impact less substantial. Let’s see when Apple brings a new iOS for iPhone users.


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