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The world’s largest brands and social media outlets are developing so is Snapchat. In a recent update, the company announces a feature. It will allow the publishers to build stories based on their websites for Snapchatters. Snapchat introduces a feature known as Dynamic Stories. It will allow the publishers to automatically create posts based on their website.

It is still a newborn feature and may go through many changes after initial tests in the US, France, UK, and India. The major publishers of these countries could use Dynamic Stories to automatically share the published content on Snapchat. One might think about how this automatic feature can create posts on Snapchat. To make it simple, Dynamic Stories uses the RSS feedback from Publisher’s website. This method allows Dynamic Stories to create posts that publish directly on Snapchat’s newsroom.

At present, there are not large numbers of partners with Snapchat using this feature. However, early partners include The Washington Post, CNN, British Vogue, ESPN, CNN, and much more. Let’s know more about the Dynamic Stories features and what they mean for the users of Snapchat. So, with no ado, let’s explore Snapchat’s new feature.

What should you know about Dynamic Stories?

Snapchat is an American instant messaging app. Users engage in sharing the pictures and videos, which disappear after viewers see them. The question of why Snapchat introduced Dynamic Stories might strike your mind. However, this is a modern age and misinformation is rife all over the social media networks. Every social media giant, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, is crowded with misinformation. Snapchat has taken this initiative to combat misinformation.

Moreover, Snap wants to provide its users with the most credible news from around the world. Access to credible news stories is not possible without allowing major news outlets to publish the news on Snapchat. So, Dynamic Stories is a way for the publishers to create news stories for the Snapchat community. The publishers using Dynamic Stories can create stories that will update in real-time. This will keep Snapchatters aware of the happening from all over the world.

Early partners of Dynamic Stories on Snapchat

There wouldn’t be any difference between Snapchat and other social media outlets without stopping the misinformation. To provide the Snapchatters with curated and vetted information, Snapchat is partnering with highly credible news agencies.

Early Partners include:

  • US: Condé Nast (Self, Vogue), The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TMZ, ESPN, New York Post, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Page Six
  • UK: The Mirror, The Independent, British Vogue, GQ UK, PinkNews
  • France: Vogue France, GQ France, Femme Actuelle, Le Figaro, Paris Match, Foot Mercato, Gala, Marie Claire FR
  • India: GQ India, MissMalini, Vogue India, Pinkvilla, The Quint, Times Now

Snapchat has 319 million daily active users. This tells us a lot about the importance of credible news stories. Through timely accessibility of news, Snapchat is bringing a revolution of accurate news stories.

Snapchat’s journey to bring credible news stories for Snapchatters

Snap has done a great job. The news from the verified publishers will appear on Snap users’ Discover feed. Snapchatters can see the news, read it, or swipe to read the full news story. It is surprising to know that this is not the first time Snap is taking measures to provide users with authentic news stories. Indeed, back in 2018, Snapchat and NowThis made a deal to launch a channel NowBreaking on Snapchat.

Even then, Snapchat was not building castles in the air. The NowBreaking Channel debuted on Snapchat’s Discover page in June 2018. Even before this joint venture, NBC launched a daily show for Snapchatters in 2017. NBS used to air two episodes per week on Snapchat’s newsroom. After its success, CNN also launched a daily news program on Snapchat. So, has a history where Snapchat is trying to provide users with accurate, credible, and trustworthy news from around the world.

Wrap up

Snapchat understands that getting credible news in this age of misinformation and propaganda is no less than a fortune.

However, relying on the same method of accessing news can become a pain in the neck. You can see that most social media outlets are infamous for misinformation. So, Snapchat sailed on a journey in 2017 to bring the most credible, authentic, and highly trustworthy news to Snapchatters.

To make the dream a reality, Snapchat introduced Dynamic Stories. Now the major publishers can publish directly on Snapchat’s Discover feed.


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