Deadpool 3 set leaks
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Deadpool urges fans not to share his upcoming movie spoilers!

Ryan Reynolds recently took to Instagram story to request that fans refrain from sharing details revealed in leaked photos from the set of the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3. The images apparently contain spoilers about the Marvel Cinematic Universe connections and X-Men cameos in the film.

Reynolds acknowledged that while production needs to take place in public spaces using practical effects, the Telephoto camera lenses of fans, which are long-range cameras, make it difficult to maintain surprises. Though fans share the photos out of excitement, Reynolds said spoilers could dampen the “audience joy” that Deadpool 3 aims to create.

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The plea comes as filming resumes after breaks caused by industry strikes. Plot details remain closely guarded following Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 20th Century Fox and the planned integration of the Deadpool character into the MCU. Reynolds had previously been confirmed to reprise his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

While recognizing fans’ enthusiasm, Reynolds asked that they refrain from sharing photos revealing Easter eggs or other surprises in order to preserve the intended viewing experience. He encourages social media channels and websites to “hold back” from showing such images before they’re ready.

Ryan also shows “highest hope” to preserve as much of that magic as possible for the finished film.

Other MCU films have faced similar spoiler issues from leaked set images. From Avengers 2012 to Infinity War 2018, movies have faced leaks that drive the internet crazy. Although Marvel has been strict about dealing with leaks and takes extra measures to prevent spoilers, Deadpool 3 leaks happened because some people used Telephoto lenses to capture the fight scenes from long distance while there was an ongoing shooting in the open.

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