Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023
Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023 / via @edoardogirardin TikTok

If you’re a TikTok or internet user, you must’ve heard about Miss Libya and her portraits going viral on the internet. We’ll share the video in this article, you can learn more about her here if you keep reading.

Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023 portrait
Portrait of Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023
Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023 portrait
Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023 / via @edoardogirardin TikTok

Aimani Gaddafi, who belongs to the Gaddafi family is going viral on TikTok and has gained more than 75 million views worldwide on just his account, the video has also gone viral on several other accounts so we’re guessing that it reached over 100 million people in the world. Netizens are praising her beauty, thanks to a street photographer named Edorado Girardin, from Milan, Italy.

In this recent video on TikTok, the photographer asks a gorgeous woman, who was walking down the street, for permission to take her portraits for free. She agrees and also disclosed that she’s Miss Libia 2023 and is here to meet with Vogue magazine. She also shared in the video that she belongs to the Gaddafi family and has been fighting cancer 7 times over the years.

miss libya 2023 aimani gaddafi 3 May 2024
Aimani Gaddafi, Miss Libya 2023 / via @edoardogirardin TikTok

The 23-year-old model is studying medicine and psychiatry and also disclosed that she also survived the war in Libya along with cancer, and yet she’s here with all the difficulties in life. She loves helping children and people in need and is now a model.

Netizens loved this video and the likes reached almost 8 million+ with half a million shares.

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